Our task was to produce a weight gainer, which provides a stable and long-lasting supply of various nutrients - both for aspiring bodybuilders, strength and endurance athletes!

In order to increase quality muscle mass, one needs an equally high quality formula of nutrients. The high-molecular waxy maize starch (waxy maize) and maltodextrin is used as the basis of the carbohydrate supply, calcium caseinate as a pure protein source (delayed protein - time released) and a vitamin mix for optimal metabolism of the individual components.

Most young athletes have problems with gaining weight because the growth process in the human body lasts until about the 25th year; the metabolism is running at full speed (HGH secretion), consequently the nutrients are used up fast for the age-appropriate development.

There is a danger that not enough nutrients are available for the exercise-induced muscle growth. Thus, it is recommended to supply additional nutrients with a combination of a carbohydrates-mixture, protein and vitamins.

CC DEPOT GAINER is, however, been designed not only for athletes to enable an increase in weight, it also serves those athletes (e.g. endurance athletes) who against their intention lose weight because of their persistent - athletic activities (overtraining).

Due to the protracted (delaying) amino acids release this gainer is particularly suitable if the sporting activity takes place in the evening and the regeneration phase stretches over the night.


The combination of slowly digestible corn starch and fast digestible maltodextrin results in a steady supply of glucose which enables the effective conversion into glycogen and avoids fat synthesis.

No simple sugars was added to CC DEPOT GAINER (only 1.1 grams per measuring cup - resulting from the milk sugar, the protein source), since in our opinion it is not suitable for sports nutrition and even produces possible insulin peaks, which are usually undesirable:

rapid decrease in insulin peaks - fast decline in performance - increase in body fat

For this reason, not just athletes who rapidly increase in body weight (soft gainer), but also those for whom it is hard to increase their body weight (hard gainer) should use high-quality carbohydrates, because both benefit from a stable supply of carbohydrates and protein!

The product also contains vitamin of the B group and vitamin C which are important for the energy and protein metabolism. 

Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry / Banana-Kiwi / Coconut-Pistachio

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