Based on current findings the protein synthesis in the muscle cell is dependent to a large extent on the water content in the muscle cell - cell biology Häussinger effect

For this reason it is useful to selectively supply the body with nutrients which stabilize the water content of the muscle cell under sporting activity by way of the osmotic effect:

  • Water-soluble waxy corn starch, which promotes the formation of cellular glycogen ...
  • Creatine, which as such and in its phosphated form osmotically binds water in the muscle cell...
  • Glutamine, the most important free amino acid in the muscle cell ...
  • Taurine, which as second most important osmolyte binds water in muscle cell...
  • Arginine form which the body can produce more glutamine, so that more water can be bound in the cells...

Moreover, all these substances have their own nutritional benefits in the areas of cellular energy metabolism or cellular protein balance. This also applies to HMB, which as the fourth catabolism of the amino acid leucine represents an anticatabolic nutritional benefit, without disturbing the balance among the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

It is still important that the absorption by the body of waxy maize starch due to its high molecular weight is delayed and thereby benefiting the efficient conversion into glycogen.

At the same time excessive blood sugar levels are avoided, which would favor the conversion of glucose into fatty acids.

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