Biochemically founded creatine complex for optimal use of creatine for cellular energy and anti-catabolic support of the muscles during high sportive activity.

Creatine is the body's own substance and even more effective than ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) in storing energy in muscle cells and providing these in anaerobic conditions (i.e. temporary lack of oxygen).

It is generally scientifically accepted that the energy storage capacity depends on the available amount of creatine and these can be significantly increased by supplementation.

Already in 1967, the biochemical basis was discovered in the world-famous Karolinska Research Institute for Biochemistry and in 1992 the practical use of supplementation was published.

In the meantime there have been many attempts to improve the bioavailability of creatine raw materials, but it has been shown that stable creatine compounds such as in particular creatine ester make no significant advantage, since they must be converted back to creatine in the body until.

Our version, by contrast uses easily fissionable complexes between creatine and endogenous substances, with its own nutritional benefits. Consequently creatine is not fully released, but generates a nutritional benefit to the energy and protein balance.

CREATINE MATRIX has been expanded with the trace element zinc, because zinc plays a central role in both energy metabolism and protein balance and professional athletes are not usually well supplied with zinc.
Among the zinc species zinc gluconate was chosen because it has among the EU approved zinc compounds, the highest bioavailability. 

Neutral / Orange / Black Currant 

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