Glutamine is an amino acid whose nutritional effect has long been underestimated. Today it belongs to the conditionally essential amino acid, because it is indispensable in certain particular catabolic situations.

Glutamine is an amino acid with 60% of free amino acids by far the highest proportion in the muscle cell. This shows that glutamine has an important function in the role of protein synthesis. This especially applies to the early recovery phase in which the body is capable of an increased protein synthesis through the training.

The positive training effect in the muscle primarily is the fact that more proteins can be formed and therefore the efficiency of the muscles is slowly increased.

In addition, glutamine is an especially important nutrient for the cells of the immune system and determines its efficiency.

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that the glycogen storage after exercise is supported by this amino acid (Varnier and RENNIE - 1993).
According to current knowledge the body needs glutamine in order to remove excess acid in the body. At the expense of glutamine, ammonium salts are formed, which must be excreted via the urine Thus, even sports-related acidification can cause a shortage of glutamine. We offer our GLUTAMINE in its purest form.


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