Food supplement with thermogenic formula (29 ingredients) - with vitamins, trace elements, vitamin-like nutrients and phytochemicals to promote cell protection and fat burning energy metabolism, particularly by thermogenic spices.

The human body has a daily energy expenditure, which can be calculated in the sum of basal metabolic rate and physical performance.

The basal metabolic rate depends on conditions such as diet and lifestyle.
The modern lifestyle often means a low level of physical activity and thus leads to a slow-sinking basal metabolic rate. Thus, the situation may occur where a person is increasing in body weight, despite relatively normal food intake, because more calories are absorbed than can be used. This can be counteracted by deliberately supplying substances that increase the basal metabolic rate naturally and if at the same time a moderate training is completed (this is about 50% of the maximum power)

The energy-conversion-generating benefits of caffeine have long been known, but the effect lasts only for a short time. On the other hand, the physiologically used substance synephrine which is found in natural citrus fruits has a much longer lasting effect.

The active nutrition research has shown that the supply with the trace element chromium is extremely important for a balanced blood sugar level in order to avoid fat synthesis from carbohydrates.
From a nutritional perspective a good supply of chromium is similarly effectively as a low-fat diet.

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