The "modern" diet high in processed industrial products does no longer supply many nutrients in a desirable amount. The current supply is well below the diet of our Stone Age ancestors, which have received far more micro-nutrients and phytochemicals.

The evolution of human metabolism was predominantly occurred in the framework of a Stone Age diet, so that the physiological conditions only partly fit to the modern diet and lifestyle.

VITAMINS + MINERALS has been produced according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP regulations, for the antioxidant and regenerative assistance supplementary feeding and for the sensible use of the training effect, especially in athletes;

The formulation of VITAMINS + MINERALS contains 27 important nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, vitamin-like nutrients and secondary phytochemicals, to compensate any nutritional deficiencies.

180 Caps. (Blister- Box) - € 34,90


Whey Protein 2000g
Whey Protein 750g