The biological significance of a whey protein isolate (WPI derivative of whey) surpasses all types of protein on the market and is also referred to as "hardcore protein" for building muscle. Competition-oriented athletes appreciate this protein not only because of its high biological value / availability, but also because of its virtually fat-and sugar-free composition.

This instantized WHEY ISOLATE was subjected to an elaborate manufacturing process: cross flow / ultrafiltration and spray-dried to obtain all the major protein fractions such as alpha lactalbumin, beta lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin and immunoglobulin.

The rapid absorption guarantees for a fast supply of various amino acids in the bloodstream. Due to the fact that the body can absorb only a limited amount of WPI and that WPI provides a rather short half-life, multiple ingestions throughout the day, depending on the requirements of the athlete, is recommended.

For best results WPI should be administered immediately after training.

The high content of glutamine and BCAAs make this protein so valuable, and it impresses with a protein content of up to 91.2% in dry matter! Thus, we can offer you the purest form of whey protein isolate without the addition of glycine and other nutrients which alter the protein content!

The field of application extends from competitive bodybuilders to athletes of all sports whose training basis is focused on speed-strength and endurance training.

This protein has also been produced specifically for dissolving in water (Water Soluble Technology)


Chocolate / Vanilla / Banana-Kiwi / Cherry-Yoghurt

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